If you create art, do you wonder where these images come from? I sit down to a blank screen and never have to worry what to create. It just flows. Although sometimes it comes easier than others, it still comes. It’s a wonderful mystery that is better than a good book that you read with exhuberance waiting for the climactic end… mostly because I’m the ‘author’ instead of someone else I suppose.

Photographic art has so many possibilities. I start with a subject and layer and layer. It comes in phases to me. I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach when it’s done. I feel peaceful and complete. That can take two hours or it can take two years. Yes, even longer…

I’ve been on the same color theme for a long time. I don’t understand it. It isn’t just in my art. It’s in my home everywhere, it’s in my clothes, it’s even in my jewelry. Shades of turquoise, copper, etc. Does this have significance? I don’t know. I have more questions than answers. Don’t you have a color that has stayed with you all of your life and you never tire of?

When I post these images, one can never really see the detail and the real interest of the work. It’s like a taste of something. If it speaks to you, you want more. As always, my work can be done on everything from wooden boxes to large wall canvases. You can always check with me if something speaks to you.

BTW, I get a lot of comments on my blog. I post very few of them. Since blogs are hacked so much, unless I know you, I usually will not post your comment. Some comments are lovely, some are weird, some are definitely spam. I apologize.

I hope you enjoy this image. She’s entitled Phases. She spoke to me. She is me.

I’m beginning to understand my art better. That might sound strange. But those of you who create know that there are times that our inner voice screams to ‘play’ or ‘create’.

Recently, I read an article by Arun Ghandi, the great Mahatma Ghandi’s grandson. He talked about transforming negative energy into positive. A light went off for me…

At times when I’m sad, angry, frightened, often I create the most beautiful work and I HAVE to create it. It’s not a choice. I’m beginning to understand this is my internal way to turn that which is negative in me into something positive.

A peace comes over me when a project is finished. I never have to wonder when it’s done. It’s always clear. I feel good. My blues leave me oftentimes.

I imagine this is my way to transform the negative. This bridge seemed appropriate when I finished it this week. I am crossing over into a new chapter in my life. The way is not easy. The path is not clear. But cross I must… with excitement, faith, and a touch of fear!!! :)

This image can be purchased through J. Love Photography in various sizes of photographic art on both canvas and watercolor paper. Please contact me at info@jlovephotography.com.

Courage is something we need in times of fear. We muster the ability to be brave, strong, even mighty. When facing challenges in life, friends have a way of bolstering us, helping us face our fears with courage. They shore us up until we can stand alone again or possibly so we don’t have to stand alone. They help us reconnect to our own courage by sharing theirs.

My friends have taught me so much about courage. I have witnessed some of them face and conquer insurmountable challenges that would have crumbled me. I am humbled by this. I have admiration and awe for their personal triumphs and have been so blessed by them.

Rahna is presently available as angel art in greeting card form only. When the project is complete, she will be available in several different art forms through J. Love Photography.

We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face… we must do that which we think we cannot. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Lilliana is part of the angel art I’m creating who represents the quality of grace. When I first began this journey with my project of Angels Among Us, the one word that would not leave me when describing friends is the word grace. It did not appear on any of my friends’ lists of words describing a friend, yet it appeared everywhere hidden between the lines in their descriptions of their friends. Grace is a quality that is all-encompassing; beautiful, kind, thankful, honorable, forgiving, generous, caring, compassionate.

It reminds me of one of my beloved stones from the sea that have been washed through the waves for so long that they become smooth, finished, polished, perfected. As friends age with us, this is how they become too, as do our relationships with them.

But what we can do, as flawed as we are, is still see God in other people, and do our best to help them find their own grace. That’s what I strive to do, that’s what I pray to do every day. (Barack Obama)

She is available in greeting card form presently and will be available through J. Love Photography in other art forms when the project is completed. Stay tuned.

What a gorgeous inn in the Michigan countryside! An autumn weekend adventure took us to this inn for a brief lunch on a blustery, rainy day. The Grand River and the old willows that graced the banks along with the old bridge begged to be captured in infrared.

Although this was completely done digital, I used a platinum adjustment combined with several other techniques to create a final finish that reminded me of my old friend Edward Steichen, whose work continues to inspire me year after year.

The English Inn is a bed and breakfast with quaint rooms filled with beautiful antiques and lush views. The food cannot be missed.

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